You are the future of humankind in space

The psi-orders, once a beacon of unity for humankind since their appearance fighting the aberrants, have been riven with betrayal as the one of their own has fallen to their mad research, destroyed by the other psi-orders to stop the spread of aberrant Taint. The aberrants themselves renew their strikes on Earth in their attempts to return, knocking the space station Esperanza out of orbit and causing catastrophe in Western Europe as it fell. The teleporters have disappeared, leaving Earth’s extrasolar colonies abandoned with only telepathy allowing a faltering degree of contact. Humankind, once bristling with hope with its colonization of new planets and new allies in the Qin, has been dealt several painful setbacks in a short period of time. But there is a new hope.

Welcome to Project Leviathan. Welcome to your new home amongst the stars.

Amongst the Stars